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Impact Investing Survey 2020

Impact investing is moving from niche to mainstream, with growth in the strategy across the private markets. 


Once a quiet corner of private equity, impact investing has recently been thrust into the limelight. Dedicated pools of capital intended to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return have been raised by the world's largest alternative asset managers, while the number of smaller niche strategies has also grown.

The Global Impact Investing Network(GIIN) in 2019 said assets under management in impact investing totalled $502bn, of which 50%was held by 860 asset managers in venture capital, PE, fixed-income, real assets and public stocks. LP and wider societal demands for capital to be invested ethically and deliver impact is undoubtedly a key driving force behind GPs moving into the strategy. Maggie Loo, partner at specialist impact investor Bridges Fund Management, says the combination of higher levels of urgency surrounding the climate crisis, growing inequality across the world and the fact that governments can no longer be relied upon to solve these issues alone, have coalesced to create pressure on investors to act: 

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