Rethinking hospitals in the wake of COVID-19

The shortage of hospital beds in the wake of COVID-19 became painfully obvious as major cities such as Washington DC, Chicago and NYC set up temporary hospital wards at their major convention centres as places to house non-critical patients. This has brought about calls for how hospitals should reshape itself in this country to combat both COVID-19 and future pandemics.

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Will COVID-19 tip the scales for private infrastructure investment

  • Will the extended presence of COVID-19 lead to infrastructure being included in some future versions of the stimulus bill if unemployment numbers continue to climb?
  • Will states focus more on demand-risk projects such as managed lanes as way to stimulate job growth?
  • Or will they focus on more risk demand projects, particularly if the municipal bond market continues to start to loosen up?
  • Where and how will digital infrastructure affect this?
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    John  Hibbard Operations Director , Georgia Department of Transportation
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    DJ Gribbin Senior Operating Partner and former Special Assistant to the President for Infrastructure , Stonepeak Partners
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    Jennifer Aument North American President , Transurban
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    Jon Berke Editor, US , Inframation News
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