Infrastructure Investors Forum: Energy & Renewables Asia

Discover Asian opportunities in the era of energy transition

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    Welcome remarks

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    Opening keynote address

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    Asia spotlight: Energy and renewables investing

    Energy transition has been at the forefront for policymakers and investors as part of the effort to mitigate climate risks and move towards a net-carbon economy. Due to the rising demand for energy, governments’ in the region are supporting investments in the renewable energy sector via favourable policies and Asia is set to lead activity over the next decade with the promise of higher returns. Our panel of experts will discuss the factors which make the region an attractive hub for renewable investment, the challenges of investing in the sector, and take a deep dive into the best approach and strategy to navigate the rise of a new energy economy.

    • What are the latest government policies and incentives to attract private investment in the region?
    • Which are the most popular markets for renewables across Asia in 2021 and beyond?
    • Which sub-sector of renewable energy will deliver the best returns?
    • What are the key challenges of investing in Asia, especially in emerging economies?
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    Networking break

  • 10:30

    Disruptive innovations: Speeding up energy transition

    The rise of automation, advancements in energy storage solutions and distribution, and the digital technology revolution have accelerated the transition of the energy sector. Smarter use of technologies has not only made clean energy more reliable, affordable, and available, it has also attracted a wider array of investors, from venture capitalists to impact investors, who are banking on a new wave of emerging opportunities. In this session, a panel of tech and energy investors predict the trends that will disrupt the current ecosystem and discuss how to future-proof your investments.

    • What are the latest technology applications in the renewable energy sector, from production and storage to distribution?
    • How will the growing popularity of electric vehicles revolutionise energy infrastructure?
    • How should you develop your capabilities to track and react to industry disruption?
    • What will be the long-term impacts on the energy market as more private investors join the race?
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    Networking break

  • 11:30

    LPs’ perspective: Building sustainable investments into your portfolio

    Energy transition is an inevitable trend this decade and one that will only be expedited in a post-COVID world. According to the 2020 EMPEA Global LP survey, most LPs are now taking climate change and other environmental factors into account when making investment decisions. In response to these changes, an increasing number of LPs are shifting their allocations from conventional energy to renewables and investing in themes such as electrification of transportation and carbon tracking. Our panel of global LPs discuss where they see the opportunities in Asia, and how they are constructing their portfolios to prepare for the era of energy transition.

    • How does the renewables sector in Asia compare to the U.S. and Europe in 2021 and beyond?
    • How do LPs prepare for energy transition in their investment strategy?
    • Which sub-sectors and geographies are LPs looking towards for their direct and fund
    • Will LPs completely shift their portfolios away from traditional energy?
  • 12:15

    Closing remarks and end of webinar